The EmBounded Project

The aims of the EmBounded Project are to identify, to quantify and to certify resource-bounded code in Hume, a domain-specific high-level programming language for real-time embedded systems.

Using formal models of resource consumption as a basis, the project will develop static analyses for time and space consumption and assess these against realistic applications for embedded systems. The work is novel in combining analyses of both source and machine code into a single framework.

The EmBounded Project (IST-510255) is a three-year FET-Open collaborative project, funded by the European Union Framework VI Programme. The project started in March 2005, with work commencing at the majority of sites by June 2005.


Further information

University of St Andrews AbsInt GmbH Heriot-Watt University Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Münchens
LASMEA Sixth Framework Programme IST

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