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EmBounded Project Mailing List
EmBounded Project Announcements List
Bugreports on Hume software (Bugzilla)
EmBounded Project Software
Tools for WCET, Stack- and Heap-space-analyses.
Hume Language
Hume (Higher-order Unified Meta-Environment) is a strongly typed, mostly-functional language with an integrated tool set for developing, proving and assessing concurrent, safety-critical systems.
The Great Robot Race
In November 2007, a swarm of driverless vehicles will take to the road for the DARPA Urban Challenge– the third installation of the Pentagon-sponsored Grand Challenge competition for autonomous vehicles. Gear up for the big day with "The Great Robot Race," NOVA's look back at the last Grand Challenge. Meet the teams who took on--on conquered--the grueling 130-mile course and discover how artificial intelligence, laser-guided vision, GPS navigation, and 3-D mapping systems can get a vehicle from point A to point B without any help from a human driver. From concept to construction to the final competition, "The Great Robot Race" delivers the absorbing inside story of clever engineers and their unyielding drive to create a champion, capturing the only aerial footage that exists of the Grand Challenge.
CyCab Autonomous Vehicle
Mobile Resource Guarantees (MRG)
The MRG project has developed the infrastructure needed to endow mobile code with independently verifiable certificates describing its resource behaviour.
Worst Case Execution Time Analysis
AbsInt's WCET Analyzers statically compute tight bounds for the worst-case execution time of tasks in real-time systems. They directly analyze binary executables and take the intrinsic cache and pipeline behavior into account.
Aims to develop the technology for establishing trust and security for the next generation of global computers, using the Proof Carrying Code paradigm.
Coordinating research and development in advanced real-time systems.
Dependable Embedded Components and Systems.
Sixth Framework Programme
Information Society Technologies (IST)

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