Hume Language – Other Resources

Hume Forum
A mailing list for developers & users of the Hume programming language.
The EmBounded Project
A project to identify, quantify and certify resource-bounded code in Hume, using formal models of resource consumption as a basis.
Heriot-Watt Hume Language Website
Information about Hume activity at Heriot-Watt University within the Dependable Systems Group.
Dependable Systems Group
The research aims and objectives of the group at Heriot-Watt are to improve the reliability and predictability of computer systems through the development and application of rigorous design, implementation and verification techniques.
Functional Programming Group
The research group for functional programming at the University of St Andrews.

Other Sites

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Hume Programming Language
On the Literate Programs Wiki
Functional Programming for Embedded Systems
School of Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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